Thursday, February 25, 2016

Week 26: 2/18/2016-2/25/2016

This past week I worked on the scripts for the ScanMatch analysis.

I worked on reading all of the cleaned .csv files I created into Matlab. After reading them into Matlab, I wrote a function to create sequences out of the data for each participant for each task that can be used with ScanMatch. I also wrote a function to create sequence numbers for each line in each file (or for each AOI). This way when I create the sequence data for each participant for each task, I can check the line and file name against my AOI sequence map and get the correct sequence number for each fixation.

I discovered in the next week, I will need to add a special case in my sequence map for when a participant looked at the task description/answer .txt file instead of source code. I will also be working on writing the substitution matrix needed to run the ScanMatch algorithm for our data.

The PME Regional Conference went very well and all of the participants had a great time. My talk went very well, as well.

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