Friday, April 22, 2016

Week 33: 4/14/2016-4/21/2016

This past week I prepared material for the STEM Showcase at YSU, where YSU students present their research throughout the year. High school students, parents, faculty, and staff are encourage to attend.

Dr. Sharif and I will be running a table with our research, an eye-tracker, and a coding station for the showcase. I prepared slides to attach to a tri-fold that explains the machine learning prediction experiment that we ran and presented at QUEST. I have also updated our working demo branch in the git repository with updates to our master branch. This way we can have a small running demo of iTrace for students, parents, faculty, and staff to use, which entails getting to use an eye-tracker. I have also tested/installed another program for running the eye-tracker we are using that might be more interesting for participants.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Weeks 31 & 32: 3/31/2016-4/14/2016

"Summing Like Euler" at Ohio Northern University

The past two weeks have been very hectic. I presented at QUEST, presented at the Ohio regional meeting of the MAA, presented at the regional Choose Ohio First poster conference, had three exams, and worked on the VISSOFT website.

I had presented a poster on "Exploring Infinite Series" at QUEST hosted at Youngstown State University and the regional Choose Ohio First poster conference hosted at Kent State University. I received an award for an outstanding presentation at the Choose Ohio First poster conference. I also gave a talk on "Predicting Developer Expertise from Eye Gazes on Source Code" at QUEST. QUEST is a university wide research presentation forum at YSU; they do perform judging and hand out awards.

I gave another talk on Euler's method for deducing his famous summation formulas, titled "Summing Like Euler" at the Ohio regional meeting of the MAA at Ohio Northern University. I had an excellent time at this conference. I really enjoyed hearing the keynote speaker, Jenna Carpenter, talk about women in computing across history. She also gave another hour long talk about the implicit biases we have against women in STEM.

Finally, I updated the VISSOFT website with more information about the keynote speaker and with the response of the conference chairs about House Bill 2.