Thursday, March 3, 2016

Week 27: 2/25/2016-3/3/2016

This past week I worked more on the ScanMatch analysis.

I finished writing code to generate the sequences for our eye-tracking data, to generate scores for each AOI, and to run all of the sequences through ScanMatch in a pair-wise comparison type way and to output those scores to a matrix for each task.

Unfortunately, I ran into some issues with the SubMatrix being too large for Matlab, because we have a large amount of AOIs. I ended up computing SubMatrix scores on the fly, instead of computing them and storing them for look-up later.

Right now the code takes an incredible amount of time to run in Matlab. I determined the analysis to take at least a couple of days if not more at its current speed. I am working now to optimize my code and necessary data to make calculations faster. Worse case scenario, I will be letting the code run all Spring Break to get results or re-writing it in R.

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