Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Week 17: 12/15/2015-12/22/2015

This past week I completed the first draft of our proposal for Tapia 2016. I also wrote the abstract for our poster proposal for Tapia. I discussed how we seek to explore expertise prediction for software developers. We compare three different machine learning algorithms that are used for our prediction. We have completed testing for the two-class boosted decision tree algorithm and will discuss the next two algorithms to use in future testing. With 85% accuracy we can conclude that we can predict software developer expertise using a two-class boosted decision tree machine learning algorithm.

I also finished work on the initial pass of the VISSOFT 2016 website. The website has been published and can be viewed at the following link:


Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Weeks 15,16: 12/01/2015-12/15/2015

That last two weeks were filled with final projects and tests. On Sunday, December 13, 2015, I graduated!

Last week, I read and summarized "Tracking Students’ Cognitive Processes during Program Debugging – An Eye-Movement Approach" by Y. T. Lin, Member, IEEE, C. C. Wu, Y. C. Lin, T. Y. Hou, F. Y. Yang, and C. H. Chang. This paper discussed the differences between high performing(experts) and low performing(novices) students in debugging. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Weeks 14,15,16: 11/25/2015-12/15/2015

The past few weeks have been very hectic with the end of the Fall semester. Last week was our finals week at YSU. However, I have continued to work on our CREU project.

I wrote the data section of our Tapia poster proposal submission and started to write the introduction. I read two papers, Modeling How Students Learn to Program by Chris Piech and Paulo Blikstein and Tracking Students' Cognitive Processes during Program Debugging - An Eye-movement Approach by Lin et al. I also completed my CREU mid-year report.

I have also been working on the VISSOFT 2016 website, because I am the website chair for this conference.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Week 14: 11/25/2015-12/01/2015

I read and created a summary Powerpoint for Modeling How Students Learn to Program by 
Chris Piech, Mehran Sahami, Daphne Koller, Stephen Cooper, Paulo Blikstein.
It was interesting. It talked about how to use machine learning to model how students progress 
through writing a program. This is interesting to me because I eventually want to pursue educational