Thursday, January 28, 2016

Week 22: 1/21/2016-1/28/2016

This past week I revised our Tapia submission, updated the VISSOFT website, figured out a bug in iTrace, finished editing/revising my NCWIT application (and submitted it), and I read a paper on eye-tracking data analysis.

I made minor formatting changes to our Tapia submission to get it into the correct specifications for submission. We will be submitting it today or tomorrow.

I added the program committee to the VISSOFT 2016 website's Committee page. I had to add each individual person (20 in total) to the Committee's page file. Their names, universities, and web-pages had to be listed.

We are getting ready to release a new version of iTrace that includes support for Stack Overflow and Bug Report documents. There was one bug I had to fix. Both the Bug Report and the Stack Overflow managers were trying to create a function, in Javascript, at the same time named the same thing. So, the Bug Report function would overwrite the Stack Overflow function destroying the ability to capture gazes for Stack Overflow documents. A simple function name change was needed to solve the issue and we will be moving forward with the release soon.

I finished editing my NCWIT Collegiate Award video and written material. I submitted my application on Sunday, 1/24/2016.

Finally, I read ScanMatch: A novel method for comparing fixation sequences, and determined that we can use ScanMatch in two different ways to see how we can identify patterns in eye-tracking data. We hope that there will be a lot of commonality among expert software developer sequential eye-gaze data and a lot of commonality among novice software developer sequential eye-gaze data, but not a lot of commonality between novices and experts. 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Week 21: 1/14/2016-1/21/2016

This past week I worked on editing our Tapia poster submission and I worked on my NCWIT Collegiate Award application.

I edited the formatting of the Tapia proposal. I made grammar changes and made the table more clear to read.
I spent the majority of my time this week recording and editing my technical project video for the NCWIT award application. I recorded a short demo of iTrace and an explanation of the impact of iTrace in the software engineering community. I had never edited a video before, so I spent some time watching tutorial videos for Camtasia Studio. I am almost done editing the video and I hope to submit the application this weekend.

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Weeks 18,19, 20: 12/22/2015-1/14/2016

The past three weeks I worked on iTrace, the VISSOFT website, and multiple scholarship applications.

I finished the implementation for iTrace to gather eye-tracking data on Bug Report documents. I also fixed a bug in iTrace that caused the name of a file not to match the path to that file.

For the VISSOFT website, I added important dates for Research and NIER/Tool Demo paper submissions. I updated the Committee page with the Artifact Evaluation Co-Chairs and the NIER/Tool Demo Co-Chairs. Finally, I wrote in the submission information on the Submission page, so that researchers can begin submitting papers to the conference.

I completed and submitted an application to receive a scholarship to Tapia 2016. I also completed and submitted an application to join SIGSOFT and to apply for travel funding to attend ICSE 2016. Finally, I finished writing the short answer questions for the NCWIT Collegiate Award that I will be applying for in the coming weeks.