Thursday, March 17, 2016

Weeks 27 and 28: 3/3/2016-3/17/2016

Last week YSU was on spring break, so these past two weeks I made changes to the VISSOFT website and I continued to work on our ScanMatch analysis.

For ScanMatch, I finished coding the subMatrix and creating the sequence data so the data will run much faster. The data takes about 6 hours to run per task. It compares sequences across all participants for each task. We have three matrices of results (one for each task) that are pairwise comparisons among each participant (so the results on one side of the diagonal are the same as the results on the opposite side of the diagonal). Just by visually analyzing the results matrices, we found that the normalized ScanMatch scores are not higher than .5 and many are not higher than .1 or .2 (unless we are comparing a sequence to itself, in which case the normalized score is 1). We determined that because we are comparing sequences by determining the following line level scheme:

     -If in the same file and are both on the same line score is 10  (the highest)
     -If in the same file and are both a distance of 1 line away score is 9
     -If in the same file and are both a distance of 2 lines away score is 8
     -If in the same file and are both a distance of 3 lines away score is 7
     -If in the same file and are both a distance of 4 lines or more away score is 5

That at a line level precision there isn't much correlation between sequences.

I have been modifying the current code to work on looking at a method level analysis and I am working on the subMatrix for that now. I will run the modified algorithm on the data to see if at least participants looked more at or in the same methods in sequence.

I made minor changes to the VISSOFT website. I fixed some information for a program committee member, added an announcement for the key note speaker, and removed the word Preliminary from the Call for Papers section.

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